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Record Rack Sportsman Deer & Elk Feed

Optimum Performance Formulas: Our exclusive Optimum Performance Technology™ ensures superior palatabilityand superior performance. Each proprietary formula is scientifically designed to help you manage your herd management goals.

Palatability Plus: Proprietary nutrient formulation and Optimum Performance Technology™ deliver a unique and consistent blend of natural ingredients with Record Rack® formula’s exclusive flavoring system to ensure maximum palatability and consumption.

By-Pass Amino Acid Balancing: Proprietary nutrient formulation and Optimum Performance Technology™ balance critical by-pass amino acid levels and provide the most bio-available source of amino acids for optimum growth and performance.

Organic Trace Mineral Complexes: Proprietary mineral complexes with organic nutrients provide the most bio-available sources of trace minerals—and in the right ratios to ensure optimum utilization and enhanced metabolic performance.

Product 2

Record Rack Deer Block

14% protein

Easy-to-feed 30.3 lb. block

Fortified with vitamins and minerals

Irresistible wild berry flavor

Product 2